• Capricorn; the Goat: Dec. 23-Jan. 19
  • Aquarius; the Water Carrier: Jan. 20-Feb. 19
  • Pisces; the Fishes: Feb. 20-Mar. 21
  • Aries; the Ram: Mar. 22-Apr. 20
  • Taurus: the Bull: Apr. 21-May 21
  • Gemini: the Twins: May 22-June 22
  • Cancer; the Crab: June 23-July 23
  • Leo: the Lion: July 24-Aug.23
  • Virgo; the Virgin: Aug. 24- Sept. 23
  • Libra; the Scales/the Balance: Sept. 24-Oct. 23
  • Scorpio; the Scorpion: Oct.24-Nov. 22
  • Sagittarius; the Archer: Nov. 23-Dec.22

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