• Western Christian holy days
  • --------
  • Advent [pre-Christmas]
  • All Saints' Day or Allhallows [Nov 1]
  • all Souls' Day [Nov 2]
  • Annunciation or Lady Day [Mar 25]
  • Ascension Day or Holy Thursday [40 days after Easter]
  • Ash Wednesday [start of Lent]
  • Assumption [Aug 15]
  • Candlemas or Candlemas Day or Presentation [Feb 2]
  • Christmas [Dec 25]
  • Circumcision or Holy Name Day [Jan 1]
  • Corpus Christi [Thurs after Trinity Sun]
  • Easter or Eastertide [1st Sunday after 1st full moon after vernal equinox]
  • Easter Even or Holy Saturday
  • Ember days [beginning of seasons]
  • Epiphany or Three Kings' Day [Jan 6]
  • Good Friday [Fri before Easter]
  • Hallowmas or Allhallowmas or Allhallowtide or Halloween or Allhallows or All Saints' Day or All Souls' Day [Oct 31]
  • Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday [before Easter]
  • Holy Week or Passion Week [before Easter]
  • Lammas or Lammas Day or Lammastide or Feast of St Peter's Chains [Aug 1]
  • Lent or Lententide [40 days before Easter]
  • Martinmas [Nov 11]
  • Michaelmas or Michaelmas Day or Michaelmastide [Sept 29]
  • Palm Sunday [Sun before Easter]
  • Pentecost or Whitsuntide or Whitsun or Whitsunday [7th Sun after Easter]
  • Quadragesima or Quadragesima Sunday
  • Septuagesima
  • Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras or Carnival or Pancake Day [Tues before Ash Wednesday]
  • Solemnity of Mary [Jan 1]
  • Trinity Sunday [Sun after Pentecost]
  • Twelfth-tide or Twelfth-night or Twelfth-day [night before Epiphany]
  • Whitweek and Whitmonday and Whit-Tuesday, etc [after Pentecost]

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