• types of parties
  • --------
  • at-home
  • ball
  • birthday party
  • cocktail party
  • coffee party or kaffee klatsch or coffee klatsch
  • dinner party
  • fête champêtre [Fr]
  • garden party
  • hen party
  • housewarming
  • ladies' or men's night out
  • masked ball or bal masqué [Fr]
  • masquerade party or mask or masque or masquerade
  • open house
  • pajama party
  • rave
  • shindig or shindy
  • shower
  • smoker [nf]
  • social
  • soiree
  • stag or stag party [nf]
  • surprise party
  • tea party
  • thé dansante [Fr]

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