TooyaHeight: 198 cm to 49.5 mWeight: 86 kg to 21.7 tonsTooya is a Nighlok with a second face on his skirt and was the first Nighlok that the Samurai Rangers had fought. He can breathe fire. He led the Moogers in attacking the city until the Samurai Rangers arrived. After the Moogers were defeated, Jayden engaged Tooya in battle and manages to defeat him. Tooya then grows to giant size and the Rangers unleashed their Zords as they attack Tooya. The Lion Folding Zord destroys Tooya. Tooya appears at a Halloween Party at a club in the Nighlok Afterlife and recaps his battle with the Rangers to the other Nighloks.Voice Actor: Wesley DowdellOrigins Part 1 and Party MonstersCounterpart:Kagekamuro Read more: 

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