• specialized or tutelary deities
  • --------
  • {XREF}agricultural deities 1067.4{/XREF}
  • {XREF}deities of fertility 889.5{/XREF}
  • {XREF}deities of justice 649.5{/XREF}
  • {XREF}deities of the household 228.30{/XREF}
  • {XREF}deities of the nether world 682.5{/XREF}
  • {XREF}earth goddesses 1070.10{/XREF}
  • {XREF}Fates 963.3{/XREF}
  • {XREF}forest gods 678.11{/XREF}
  • {XREF}goddesses of discord 456.1{/XREF}
  • {XREF}gods of commerce 731.10{/XREF}
  • {XREF}gods of evil 680.5{/XREF}
  • {XREF}gods of lightning 1024.17{/XREF}
  • {XREF}gods of marriage 563.13{/XREF}
  • {XREF}love deities 104.8{/XREF}
  • {XREF}moon goddesses 1070.12{/XREF}
  • {XREF}Muses 985.2{/XREF}
  • {XREF}music Muses 710.22{/XREF}
  • {XREF}poetry Muses 720.10{/XREF}
  • {XREF}rain gods 316.6{/XREF}
  • {XREF}sea gods 240.4{/XREF}
  • {XREF}sun gods 1070.14{/XREF}
  • {XREF}thunder gods 56.5{/XREF}
  • {XREF}war gods 458.13{/XREF}
  • {XREF}water gods 678.10{/XREF}
  • {XREF}wind gods 318.3{/XREF}

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