• carrying the ball
  • charging dangerously
  • charging from behind
  • charging into an opponent
  • charging the goalkeeper
  • continual breaking of rules
  • dangerous play
  • dissenting from referee's decision
  • foul or abusive language
  • handling the ball
  • holding an opponent
  • impeding the progress of an opponent
  • jumping at an opponent
  • kicking an opponent
  • making contact with an opponent before touching the ball when tackling an opponent
  • obstruction
  • offside
  • personal foul
  • preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball
  • professional foul
  • pushing an opponent
  • sandwiching
  • spitting at an opponent
  • striking an opponent
  • tactical foul
  • tripping an opponent
  • ungentlemanly conduct
  • unsportsmanlike conduct

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