This is a rundown of Ruby and Yang's family tree in the popular RWBY fanfiction [in Life and Love] by [| OmegaInfinity |].

Ruby Rose's Family
Nicholas Schnee Unnamed Grandmother
Kali Belladonna Ghira Belladonna Roman Torchwick Summer Rose Raven Branwen Taiyang Xiao Long Qrow Branwen Jacques Schnee Unnamed Mother
Blake Belladonna Ruby Rose Yang Xiao Long Weiss Schnee Winter Schnee Whitley Schnee


  • Dashed lines denote parent-child blood relationships.
  • Solid lines denote marriages, adoptions, and relationships that result in offspring.
  • † denotes the deceased.

Family tree Edit

Filbrick Pines Mrs. Pines


Ford Pines Marilyn Stan Pines Goldie
Shermy Pines
Mr. Pines Mrs. Pines
Mabel Pines Dipper Pines

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