Roman Bridger is the main antagonist of Scream 3 and a young music video director who landed the Stab 3 job where he enacted his revenge against Sidney Prescott. After he revealed that he was the architect behind the Ghostface murder sprees, he fought Sidney to the death, and lost.


When the actors begin to get killed off in the ways of the new film, everyone realizes there is yet another copy cat Ghostface. Instead of just using the past killers tactics of just calling and killing, Roman used new approaches. These include filling the room with gas in the dark, making Tom Prinze have to use a lighter to read, causing the room to explode. He also uses a new voice masker that sounds like people someone knows (including Sidney's, Gale's, and Dewey's) making them confused. This was used on Cotton and his girlfriend's death and allowed him to set a trap for Gale and Dewey using Sidney's voice which was to lure Sidney to him.

Roman was found dead in a trunk, but in the end we learn he staged his own death to eliminate himself as the suspect.

Scream 3Edit

Roman reveals to Sidney that he is her half brother. Maureen Prescott was raped while acting as a B movie actress and she gave birth to Roman. She abandoned him causing him too fend for himself in Hollywood. Roman wanted revenge and believed that he should have all the fame that Sidney had. Roman told a young Billy Loomis  why his mother left him. He convinced Billy to kill her and have a weak willed accomplice, which turned out to be Stu. Sidney shoots him, but he has a bulletproof vest. He shoots her, but she had one on too. She then stabs him. When Dewey arrives, a still alive Roman jumped up and was shot in the head by Dewey.

Roman is the reason that Sidney Prescott's life has been terrorized for the past four years.


Personifying the artistic director in an almost bumbling, Woody Allen way, Roman acted like a tragic hero, the mirror to his half-sister Sidney. As a director, he proved to be ultimately responsible for the killers' actions in the previous films.&nbsp