thin' but a washed-up, 3000-year-old pile of bones with a mid-life crisis!"Rito Revolto is the nitwitted brother of Rita Repulsa. Arriving on the moon to aid his sister and brother in law against the Power Rangers, Rito devastated the Rangers in their first encounter, leading a group of monsters in destroying the Thunder Zords. His victory was short-lived, however, as the Rangers soon returned with new powers, and defeated Rito with the Ninja MegaFalconZord. Rito is fairly powerful, yet is incredibly stupid. This stupidity causes him to be the bane of mostly everyone in the Lunar Palace, especially Lord Zedd, whom Rito constantly refers to as "Ed." Nevertheless, Rito led many missions for Zedd and Rita, loving nothing more than a good fight. He became friends of sorts with Goldar, although he continually annoyed Goldar with his stupidity. They fought side by side many a time, once even nearly defeating the White Ranger once and for all. When time was turned back on Earth, Rito and Goldar were sent to destroy the Command Center via an implosion generator given to them by Rita and Zedd. Despite various setbacks thanks to Rito, they managed to succeed in detonating the generator and stealing the Zeo Crystal. Unfortunately, while they did completely destroy the Command Center, they somehow not only dropped the Zeo Crystal, but also lost their memories. Amnesia-stricken, they ended up living with Bulk and Skull, becoming their butlers in exchange for food and shelter. The pair was eventually located by Rita and Zedd, and their memories were restored. Stealing Bulk and Skull's motorbike, they returned to their masters, helping them to plot the total destruction of the Machine Empire. Rito was last seen as the Royal House of Gadgetry was destroyed by Zedd and Rita's bomb. Having not attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet, or Zedd and Rita's invasion of the Vica Galaxy, Rito's current whereabouts are unknown.

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