"I've got such a headache! Somebody bring me an aspirin!"Rita Repulsa is a powerful sorceress that had been battling Zordon for 2,000 years. At the end of their war, Rita offered Zordon a truce, but then betrayed him, trapping the sage within an intergalactic time warp. But Zordon wasn't finished, and before being sucked into the timewarp, sealed Rita and her minions into a Zirithium cylinder, more commonly known as a Space Dumpster. For 10,000 years, Rita and her crew - Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo - were trapped, unable to escape. But in present day, the Dumpster crashed onto a small planetoid near the moon. A pair of astronauts that had been sent to investigate the planetoid stumbled upon the Dumpster and, not knowing any better, opened it. Rita and co. quickly emerged and took residence in an old alien palace on the moon. She instantly sent an invasion force consisting of Goldar and the Putty Patrol to Earth, but they were soon beaten by Zordon's Power Rangers. Rita tried everything she possibly could. She sent the Green Ranger, the demon Lokar, the WarZord Cyclopsis, and an endless array of monsters and Putties, but the Power Rangers always came out on top. It was because of these failures that her overlord, Lord Zedd, came to the moon and stripped her of her powers, then shrunk her and imprisoned her in another Space Dumpster, hurling her out into space. She floated around the blackness of space for a while, then crash-landed on Earth. She was quickly located by the Rangers and sent back into space, but later on she once again crash-landed, this time on the moon. Regaining her size and powers thanks to Finster, she quickly placed Lord Zedd under a love spell via a potion Finster had made. She planned on marrying Zedd, then usurping him and resuming command. By the time her brother, Rito Revolto, arrived, Rita no longer desired to usurp Zedd and was actually in love with him. He thankfully felt the same way after Goldar had found out and used the antidote on Zedd. Rita later enspelled a young woman named Katherine, making her Rita's spy and saboteur. Kat eventually broke Rita's hold over her, and replaced Kimberly as the Pink Ranger. When the Machine Empire arrived, Rita and Zedd were forced to retreat, taking Serpentera to the M51 Galaxy. The couple soon returned to the moon, plotting the utter destruction of the Empire once and for all. After a series of failed attempts, they finally managed to destroy the Royal House of Gadgetry with a bomb in the form of a present. Despite their triumphant return, the pair took a break before they resumed their attacks on Earth, allowing Divatox to begin a new assault. Rita and Zedd later attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet, Rita having a confrontation with Divatox. Rita begged Dark Specter to let her go after the escaped Andros, even fighting Divatox over it, and was floored when Dark Specter selected Astronema for the job. Months later, Rita and Zedd invaded the Vica Galaxy and easily conquered it, defeating the Gold Ranger in the process. When Zordon's energy wave struck their army, Rita was spared, transformed into a human being.66

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