• ablution
  • absolution
  • anointing of the sick
  • aspersion or asperges
  • baptism
  • blood sacrifice
  • celebration
  • circumcision
  • cleansing or purification
  • confession or auricular confession or the confessional or the confessionary
  • confirmation
  • feet washing
  • greater litany
  • high celebration
  • holy communion or communion
  • Holy Unction
  • imposition or laying on of hands
  • invocation
  • invocation of saints
  • last rites
  • lectisternium
  • lesser litany
  • litany
  • love feast or agape
  • lustration
  • marriage
  • offertory
  • pax or kiss of peace
  • penitence
  • processional
  • reciting the rosary or telling one's beads
  • sign of the cross or signum crucis or signing or crossing oneself
  • sprinkling
  • Stations of the Cross
  • thurification or censing
  • viaticum

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