• abbacy
  • archbishopric or archiepiscopate or archiepiscopacy
  • archdeaconry
  • benefice
  • bishopric or bishopdom
  • canonry or canonicate
  • cardinalate or cardinalship
  • chaplaincy or chaplainship
  • curacy
  • deaconry or deaconship
  • deanery or deanship
  • episcopate or episcopacy
  • inquisition
  • ministry
  • pastorate or pastorship or pastorage
  • pontificate or papacy or popedom
  • prebend or prebendaryship or prebendal stall
  • prelacy or prelature or prelateship or prelatehood
  • presbytery or presbyterate
  • primacy or primateship
  • rabbinate
  • rectorate or rectorship
  • sinecure
  • vicariate or vicarship

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