Queen Bansheera is the evil matriarch of the Demons and mother of Impus/Prince Olympius. She was in parts unknown when Diabolico and his band were freed, and later returned and gave orders in a spiritual form at the beginning of the series. Bansheera eventually returned in a mangled bodily form after an attempt by Spellbinder to bring her into the human world due to the Lightspeed Rangers' tampering. She gained a ghastly final form by absorbing Vypra's life energy.Bansheera set out to conquer the world, and proved far more ruthless than Diabolico or Olympius. Bansheera also had no regard for her minions (even her own son) and used them for her own gain. She forced Diabolico to destroy Loki, left her own son in the Shadow World, and nearly destroyed the Rangers. Despite Diabolico telling the Red Lightspeed Ranger to strike where her heart should be, she continued to menace the Rangers. She eventually turned Diabolico and Olympius into Super Demons, but they were defeated. She attempted to open gateway to the Shadow World to unleash all of its fallen monsters. Taking over the Aquabase and the Omega Megazord, she was close to succeeding. However, Bansheera ended up suspended above the Demon World portal by Carter Grayson. The spirit of a vengeful Diabolico appeared, pulling her inside, where she was attacked by the undead monsters. NotesHer name is based on the Banshee of Irish Mythology.When Bansheera regained her form, the monster faces on her "skirt" are of Fireor, Aquafiend, Arachnor and the skull-themed zombie seen in the Shadow World in "Sorcerer of the Sands" and "Olympius Unbound". There was also a purple-colored cyclops monster (not to be confused with Cyclopter and referred to in the video game adaptation as "Abominus") which was not seen in the series.Queen Bansheera is the only villain defeated by one of her own comrades since Diabolico delivered the final blow and sent her into the shadow realm.Technically she was never actually killed, she cast into the shadow world still alive were the ghosts of her fallen minions pounce on her. Thou the revenants might have eventually destroyed her.She is one of few primary villains to not be comedic, as many (such as Lothor and Rita) provided humor for the audience. In fact, she seems to be the frightening primary villain in the series, and the most nasty next to Trakeena, both willing to sacrifice their underlings to realize their ambitions.

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