• ampersand
  • angle bracket
  • apostrophe
  • asterisk or star
  • at sign
  • brace
  • bracket or square bracket
  • bullet
  • colon
  • comma
  • dagger or obelisk
  • double dagger or diesis
  • double hyphen
  • ellipsis or suspension periods
  • em dash
  • en dash
  • exclamation mark or exclamation point
  • guillemets
  • hyphen
  • interrobang
  • paragraph mark
  • parenthesis or parentheses or parens
  • period or full stop or point or decimal point or dot
  • question mark or interrogation mark or interrogation point
  • quotation mark or quote
  • section mark
  • semicolon
  • single quotation mark or single quote
  • swung dash
  • virgule or diagonal or solidus or slash mark

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