Resident Cause(s) of residency
Alan Turing Cyanide poisoning.
Anna Lee Strangled by Pauline Glick.
Chris Walker Dismembered by William Hope's Walrider.
Corgan Suicide via cyanide poisoning.
Eddie Gluskin Impaled on an iron rod due to a mechanical reaction caused by Waylon Park.
Ethan Murdered by Marta.
Heretics Killed by the Testament of the New Ezekiel.
Jeremy Blaire Dismembered by Miles Upshur's Walrider.
Jessica Gray Murdered by Loutermilch.
Joanne Marion Rare blood disease.
Josiah Axed in the chest by one of the Testament cultists.
Laird Byron Pushed off a building by the Scalled.
Lynn Langermann Maternal Death.
Marta Impaled by a cross.
Martin Archimbaud Crucified, then immolated by Variants on his command.
Mary Racked.
Nick Tremblay Pushed off a building by the Scalled.
Richard Trager Crushed by an elevator whilst chasing Miles Upshur.
Stephenson Impaled on an iron pole by Chris Walker.
Sullivan Knoth Suicide by slitting his own throat.
Testament of the New Ezekiel Committed mass suicide via cyanide poisoning.
Tiffany Hope Dismembered by the Walrider.
Val Killed by Cult members (Presumed).
William Hope Caught in an explosion (Presumed).