Villain Identity Personality Status
Iron Monger Obadiah Stane Publically, Obadiah Stane appears as a loyal and devoted friend to the Starks; his business partner Howard, whom he helped build Stark Industries from the ground up with and his son, Tony whom Stane is seemingly affectionate towards. In reality, he deeply enjoyed the authority and respect that came with being CEO and has an extremely negative opinion of Tony, viewing him as a reckless and self-obsessed party boy who was less deserving of his company and image in comparison to Stane who actually lay the groundwork to Stark Industries and built it from nothing upwards. This resentment and bitterness eventually caused him to place a hit on Stark using the terrorist organisation, the Ten Rings.

More then once, Stane proudly calls himself a weapons manufacturer and an "iron monger" and shows that the only value he is concerned about is the one that would result in profit, which he uses to convince the board of Stark Industries to remove Tony from power after he effectively shuts down the weapons division of Stark Industries culminating in a highly significant drop in the stock market. Because of this Stane was somewhat of an anti-environmentalist as, although he made an Arc Reactor project which was a clean power source, he claims it was only a publicity stunt to appease the protesters against Stark Industries and that it would be too costly to continue the project further. Stane was highly arrogant and he treated most people who worked with or under him poorly. Raza states that he payed the Ten Rings "trinkets to kill Tony Stark" after proceeding to massacre him and the rest of his group for his failure and to steal the Iron Man Armor Mark I. Similarly, he reacted with rage that one of his lead doctors was unable to miniaturize the Arc Reactor, claiming that Tony Stark was able to with even less resources - which is also a display of Stane's deep inferiority towards Stark.

After utilising the Iron Monger Armor, Stane quickly goes on a rampage and destroys everything that comes in his path during his fight against Iron Man. Throughout their fight, he constantly states how much he is enjoying the suit and sadistically causing havoc and recklessly ignoring human life or casualties, claiming that it was only "collateral damage".

Whiplash Ivan Antonovich Vanko Anton Vanko was deported from the United States of America in the late 60's for selling weapons to Pakistan along with his son, Ivan. He was often at the receiving end of his father's alcoholic rages in this stupor but most of all, Vanko was raised to hate the Starks for what they did to his father whom he evidently loved dearly despite this abuse. Using his intelligence and patience, Vanko vowed revenge against Howard Stark's son, Tony by destroying his legacy and reputation the same way his family did to Vanko's, even spending his life imprisoned solely to destroy Tony's name by showcasing his own Arc Reactor in Monaco to counteract Stark's previous statement a few days earlier; that no one was in possession of his technology.

He's an opportunistic manipulator, having easily tricked Justin Hammer until letting him use his resources to build the new Whiplash suit and the Hammer Drones army without any real intention to support Hammer's cause. He also called Stark to taunt him into going to confront the Hammer so the drones could attack him in front of a large audience. Vanko was very overconfident, when he called Stark to explain his plans he took the chance to brag that he used Stark's advice to improve the Whiplash Armor before explaining his plans and was often seen with a confidant sadistic smile when attacking others. Vanko's overconfidence proved to be his biggest weakness as in both of his battles with Iron Man he frequently took his time to enjoy taunting and attacking Stark unaware that doing so gave Tony enough time to counterattack.

Vanko was also an alcoholic, something which he picked up from his father. When Anton died in front of him he took a swig of whiskey and when being recruited by Justin Hammer, the two cheered where Vanko took the entire bottle. The only thing Vanko has any attachment to is his bird back in Russia which he demanded that Hammer bring to him in exchange for Vanko to begin working for him.

Abomination Emil Blonsky A veteran soldier with years of experience, Emil Blonsky showed deep passion for combat, when asked why he wouldn't accept a promotion, he answered that he's a soldier and wanted to be one for as long as possible. Being aware that he was being slowed down by age, Blonsky showed an intense desire to return to his glory days, as he commented that if he put his current level of experience in his body from 10 years ago, that would be an opponent he would not want to fight. Blonsky's fierce desire to remain in the battlefield is what convinced General Thaddeus Ross to offer him to try the experimental Super Soldier Serum replica, which he accepted.

After his first encounter with the Hulk, Blonsky became obsessed with defeating the green monster at all costs, slowly losing his sanity and humanity as he continued injecting himself with more Super Soldier Serum. Upon learning that Samuel Sterns had the Gamma Radiation-irradiated blood samples, Blonsky became even more obsessed with obtaining the Hulk's power, going as far as threatening Sterns and ignoring his warnings.

When Blonsky mutated into the Abomination, he readily accepted his new form and immediately became drunk with power, going on a rampage through Harlem and killing several soldiers just to show off his new strength. When Hulk appeared, Blonsky was pleased and eager to have another rematch to see which mutant was stronger. Throughout their duel, he repeatedly enjoyed beating up Hulk and taunting him, even arrogantly telling Bruce Banner that he did not deserve the Hulk's power. Abomination's aggressive and arrogant behaviour, as well as his obsession with defeating Hulk, likely resulted from the Super Soldier Serum enhancing Blonsky's desire to become a better fighter.

Loki Laufeyson Loki Laufeyson Loki was an ever-scheming individual; the God of Mischief, he meddled in people's lives and even led them to their inevitable deaths as it made him feel powerful, and often used superior ploys or ulterior designs upon his enemies, such as Thor and the Avengers. Compared to his boisterous older brother, he always seemed to be calm, peaceful and quiet, but in truth had the mind of a cold, calculating sociopath and was constantly formulating machinations that would achieve him power and respect that he truly believed he deserves. Other then that, Loki supposedly cared for Thor, consoling him after his coronation was ruined but was stated to be jealous of him his entire life, although no one knew the extent of such jealousy until it was too late. He had a deep hatred of Odin and Thor due to supposedly being the least favoured son and constantly rejected by Thor himself. Loki would do anything to humiliate, defeat or hurt Thor, even enslaving the world he cared about and supposedly killing himself.

Part of his bitterness stemmed from the fact that he was a Frost Giant and was intended as a political tool to bring peace between Asgardians and Frost Giants. As such, Loki felt alienated and ashamed since he was a member of a race Asgardians were taught to fear and hate, and the people he thought were his family lied to him about it all his life. Growing up, Loki believed he was an actual prince of Asgard and so genuinely thought he could be King. Loki competed with Thor for Odin's favour, yet once his real parentage was revealed, Loki felt betrayed as he felt a Frost Giant as king was never a feasible possibility. Furthermore, Loki also felt that he was viewed as nothing more then a trophy and tool instead of an actual son by Odin despite all evidence to the contrary.

However, deep down Loki loved his family to some degree. Though his hatred for his brother and father seemed to be unending, he did not share these feelings for his mother Frigga. Upon learning she was killed, Loki acted with rage and destroyed everything within his cell. When confronted by Thor in his imprisonment, he asked genuinely if she suffered as she died and was willing to work his much-hated brother to kill Malekith. Part of this stemmed from his regret over directing Kurse to Frigga and Jane Foster and upon Svartalfheim he displayed tremendous and uncharacteristic selflessness such as risking his own life to save Foster and Thor, while dying in the process. Thor even stated that Loki did indeed die with honour but even this was a ruse as he had usurped the throne of Asgard and captured Odin. Despite his hatred and contempt, Loki had expressed the desire to be Thor's equal and recognized by Odin as the worthy son. He did seem to care about the two to an extent, particularly Odin, calling the guards and looking on in concern when Odin collapsed on the ground, and when hanging onto Thor near the Bifrost, he stated that he wanted to destroy Jotunheim for him. Perhaps, he did love his family deep down as he appeared hesitant to eject Thor out of the Helicarrier, and saved Odin from being murdered by Laufey as he later stated that his death was not his goal, and did not actually kill Odin, but rather imprisoned him on Earth.

But the love he once showed and his more human emotions appeared to be significantly dulled by the time he arrived on Earth, along with the decades of built-up resentment which overshadowed any sliver of humanity Loki might retain. Despite this, however, Loki's time as king of Asgard appeared to have reduced his rivalry with and hatred for Thor and resentment for Odin, as he showed sadness and remorse for Odin's death and even showed visible care for Thor of Sakaar, asking him not to return to Asgard out of possible concern for his adopted brother dying against Hela. He was evidently angry and distraught when Thor ignored his offers to abandon Asgard and join the Grandmaster, saying emotionally that he always had to do it alone. He was also affected when Thor suggested he remain on Sakaar due to his power hungry nature and seemed saddened when Thor said that their paths had diverged long ago. Ultimately, Loki's newfound love for his brother swayed him to help Thor evacuate the Asgardians, risk his life by personally reviving Surtur, and support Thor's coronation.

He had suppressed his desires for most of his life due to constantly living within Thor's shadow. As such he was capable of presenting himself as timid and meek when in reality he was in possession of supreme megalomaniacal ambitions which he believed he was entitled to more then anyone else, especially Thor whom he viewed as an incompetent fool who would make a terrible King in comparison to himself. As The Other stated, his desires were virtually reminiscent to that of a childish need to always be best; this also made his hatred of Thor an entirely overgrown and impractical sibling rivalry and the entirety of his actions could be intervened as purely attention-seeking, going to horrifying lengths such as the subjugation or destruction of a species, all to impress his father. Indeed, Loki's megalomaniacal desires were foiled by his true objective to stand superior over Thor and crush him completely, proving to Thor that he was his equal and his better, which was all he ever wanted.

As a master of deceit and trickery, Loki utilized his duplicitous nature within combat. Loki was also not above underhanded tactics, such as when Thor offered a hand of peace, Loki deceptively stabbed him in his side. Loki would create feints and appear like he was running away or surrendering if a fight turned to his disadvantage. For example, when he was at the mercy of Thor on top of the Bifrost Bridge, Loki pathetically begged for his life, yet revealed the act to be just another one of his illusion manipulations and a feint to ambush his brother. However, Loki had a flaw of being arrogant, narcissistic and was in possession of extensive delusions of self-entitlement. This led him into trouble at times as he mocked Hulk within Avengers Tower, calling him a "dull creature" which caused him to be thrashed around like a plaything by the green monster. Later, the same arrogance allowed Doctor Strange sufficient time to teleport Loki away from the New York Sanctum. This overconfidence over his deceptive talents ultimately ended up claiming his life as he attempted to smooth talk Thanos into lowering his guard enough to be slain only for the Titan to easily anticipate the attack and inevitable betrayal, having always been the far better deceiver and manipulator, and kill Loki is retaliation.