Mack is the main antagonist of The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue. He is the assistant of Rob McGroarty. Unlike the latter, he doesn't care about animals' feelings. In fact, he intends to sell the animals (which Rob is taking care of) to Tartarus Laboratories (which skinned the arm of one of them, a monkey named Sebastian). He even teases the monkey with a potato chip. Eventually, when he and his driver are taking the animals to the lab, he is caught, and it angers Rob when he finds out Mack was behind the cruelty, and when Chris (Rob's girlfriend, whom Mack has been wishing were in love with him) says the jerks were stealing Rob's childhood things (the main characters) because they were in the truck, too (when actually, they went to save the animals). Soon, Mack and his driver are arrested.

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