• lower houses
  • --------
  • Bundestag [Germany]
  • Chamber of Deputies [Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela]
  • Chamber of Representatives [Belgium, Colombia]
  • Dáil Eireann [Ireland]
  • House of Assembly [Barbados, Rhodesia, South Africa, Swaziland]
  • House of Commons [Canada, United Kingdom]
  • House of Representatives [Australia, Fiji, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Philippines, US]
  • Lok Sabha [India]
  • National Assembly [France, Laos, Malagasy Republic, Portugal, Turkey]
  • Nationalrat [Austria]
  • Odelsting [Norway]
  • State Duma [Russia]

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