Albert Einstein

Annie Oakley

Ben Franklin


Maria Tallchief

Harry Houdini

Amelia Earhart

Harriet Tubman

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Leonardo da Vinci

Neil Armstrong

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Alva Edison

Abraham Lincoln

Helen Keller

John Lennon

Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

George Washington

Eleanor Roosevelt

King Tut

Walt Disney

Mark Twain

Daniel Boone

Claude Monet

Ferdinand Magellan

William Shakespeare

Pablo Picasso

John F. Kennedy

Anne Frank

Louis Armstrong

Marco Polo

Ronald Reagan

Elvis Presley

Charles Darwin

Martin Luther King Jr.

Johnny Appleseed

Queen Elizabeth

Rosa Parks

Christopher Columbus

Dr. Seuss

Maurice Sendak

R. L. Stine

Paul Revere

Michelle Obama

Babe Ruth

Steve Jobs

Davy Crockett

J. K. Rowling

Alexander Graham Bell

Roald Dahl

Barack Obama

Jane Goodall

Franklin Roosevelt

Bill Gates

Jim Henson

Sally Ride

Jackie Robinson

Edgar Allen Poe

Bob Dylan

Clara Barton

Nelson Mandela

Queen Victoria

Abigail Adams

Muhammad Ali

Louis Braille

Marie Curie

Dolly Parton

Isaac Newton

Bruce Lee

Steven Spielberg

Theodore Roosevelt

Ernest Shackleton

The Wright Brothers

Frida Kahlo

Robert E. Lee

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ulysses Simpson Grant

Milton Hershey

George Lucas

Henry Ford

Roberto Clemente

Rachel Carson

Susan B. Anthony


Stan Lee

Alfred Hitchcock

Julius Caesar

Charles Dickens

Sitting Bull

Gloria Steinem

Genghis Khan

Robert Ripley

Mother Teresa

Betsy Ross

Andy Warhol



Wayne Gretzky

Frederick Douglass

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