A web-based file manager is a web application that provides a web-based user interface to work with remote file systems. The following table displays general information for a number of web-based file managers.

General informationEdit

File Manager Creator Available since Latest stable version Cost Software license
AjaxBrowser Private (Lopez A.) 2007 0.9.40 Free LGPL
AjaXplorer Charles du Jeu 2006 2.4 Free LGPL
BarracudaDrive Real Time Logic 2005 3.9.1 Non-free US$ 69+ Proprietary
DMXReady Document Library Manager Netkinetic Inc.  ? 1.2 Non-free US$ 69.97[1] Proprietary
Eie-manager Eie-manager ltd. 2008  ? Non-free US$29 [2] Proprietary
Files Together Anywhere Together Software  ? Non-free US$ 99+ Proprietary
FileVista GleamTech 2006 3.5 Non-free US$ 99+ [3] Proprietary
Horde Gollem The Horde Project  ? H3 (1.1) Free GPL
HTTP Commander Element-IT Software  ? 6.0 Non-free US$ 199+[4] Proprietary
KFM Kae Verens 2007 1.4 Free BSD_License
KnowledgeTree Community Edition Knowledgetree Inc. 2006[5] 3.5.3 Free GPL
OmniStarDrive Omnistar Interactive, LLC.  ?  ? Non-free US$ 187[6] Proprietary
PHP File Navigator "Lito"  ? 2.3.3 Free GPL
PHP Navigator Cyril Sebastian 2006 4.37 Free GPL
phpXplorer Tobias Bender  ? 0.9.37 Free GPL


  1. Assuming a Developer License is purchased. See the purchase page.
  3. FileVista: You can download a fully-functional free trial version. It is licensed according to the number of users that can be created within the application so that you can purchase a license that is closest to your usage requirements.
  4. Unless for personal use.