This is a list of states in the United States and Mexico and provinces in Canada.


Name 2-letter code Abbreviation Notes
Alberta AB Alta "Alb." — abbreviation in French
British Columbia BC B.C. "C.-B." — abbreviation in French
Manitoba MB Man.
New Brunswick NB N.B.
Newfoundland and Labrador NL Nfld formerly "Newfoundland"
Nova Scotia NS N.S. Nova Scotia means New Scotland
Ontario ON Ont.
Prince Edward Island PE P.E.I. "I.-P.-E." — abbreviation in French
Quebec QC Que. alternate 2-letter code is PQ
Saskatchewan SK Sask.
Name 2-letter code Abbreviation Notes
Northwest Territories NT N.W.T. "T.N.-O." — abbreviation in French
Nunavut NU
Yukon YT YK formerly "Yukon Territory"



United States of AmericaEdit

States and Commonwealths

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