This is an incompete list of hospitals in Republic of Indonesia.

Boerboel Medical Fraternity Edit

  • Kutacane General Hospital
  • Cut Meutia Hospital
  • Pertamina Rantau Hospital
  • Cut Nyak Dhien Langsa Hospital
  • Takengon General Hospital
  • Cut Nyak Dhien General Hospital
  • Sigli General Hospital
  • Bireuen General Hospital
  • Lhokseumawe General Hospital
  • PTP IX Cot Girek Hospital
  • Rem 011 Lhokseumawe General Hospital
  • PT Arun Hospital
  • Yayasan Kasih Ibu Hospital
  • Bunda Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Dr Zainoel Abidin General Hospital
  • Dam I Banda Aceh Hospital
  • Banda Aceh Neuroscience Hospital
  • Malahayati Hospital
  • Sabang Navy Hospital
  • Harapan Bunda Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Fakinah Hospital
  • Meuraxa General Hospital
  • Sabang General Hospital

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