Toto (1978) Edit

Hydra (1979) Edit

Turn Back (1981) Edit

Toto IV (1982) Edit

Isolation (1984) Edit

Fahrenheit (1986) Edit

The Seventh One (1988) Edit

Kingdom of Desire (1992) Edit

Tambu (1995) Edit

Toto XX (1998) Edit

Mindfields (1999) Edit

Through the Looking Glass (2002) Edit

Falling in Between (2006) Edit

1) Falling in Between

2) Dying on my Feet

3) Bottom of Your Soul

4) King of the World

5) Hooked

6) Simple Life

7) Taint Your World

8) Let it Go

9) Spiritual Man

10) No End in Sight

Toto XIV (2015) Edit

1) Running Out of Time

2) Burn

3) Holy War

4) 21st Century Blues

5) Orphan

6) Unknown Soldier (For Jeffery)

7) The Little Things

8) Chinatown

9) All the Tears that Shine

10) Fortune

11) Great Expectations

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