Released songsEdit

This is a chronological list of officially released songs by Brazilian Folk singer, songwriter and musician Mallu Magalhães.

2008 Edit

  • "Angelina"
  • "Anyone Else But You"
  • "Don't You Leave Me"
  • "Don't You Look Back"
  • "Dry Freezing Tongue"
  • "Faz"
  • "Get To Denmark"
  • "Girassóis"
  • "Happy Song"
  • "Have You Ever"
  • "Her Day Will Come"
  • "Hora Marcada"
  • "I Do Believe"
  • "I Really Know Boys"
  • "Il Va Partir"
  • "It Ain't Me Babe"
  • "It Takes Two To Tango"
  • "J1"
  • "Letrinhas dos Jornais"
  • "Meia Colorida"
  • "Mr. Blue Eyes"
  • "My Honey"
  • "Noil"
  • "O Preço da Flor"
  • "Once Upon a Time There Was a Flying Cat"
  • "Pata de Leão"
  • "Song To George"
  • "Sualk"
  • "Tchubaruba"
  • "Town of Rock'n'Roll"
  • "Vanguart"
  • "Versinho de Número Três"
  • "Xylophones"
  • "You Know You've Got"


  • "A Risk To Take"
  • "Aí-Há"
  • "Bee On The Grass"
  • "Compromisso"
  • "Daniel e Cecília"
  • "É Você Que Tem"
  • "Make It Easy"
  • "My Home Is My Man"
  • "Nem Fé Nem Santo"
  • "O Herói, O Marginal"
  • "Ricardo"
  • "Shine Yellow"
  • "Soul Mate"
  • "Te Acho Tão Bonito"
  • "Versinho de Número Três"
  • "Versinho de Número Um"
  • "You Ain't Gonna Loose"


Unofficially released songsEdit

This is a chronological list of unofficially released songs by Folk singer Mallu Magalhães.

2008-2009 Edit

  • "A Vida Sempre Ensina"
  • "Bossa Sem Nome"
  • "Hound Dog"
  • "Moreno do Cabelo Enroladinho"
  • "Música Urbana"
  • "Sambinha Bom"
  • "Sambinha Sem Refrão"
  • " Versinho de Número Cinco"


Miscellaneous songsEdit


2009 on Marcelo Camelo's Sou

  • "Janta"


Cover versionsEdit

Recorded materialEdit

This is a chronological list of cover versions that have been commercially released by Mallu Magalhães:

  • 2009 - "How D'You Do" - (originally by Paul McCartney) recorded for the album "Beatles 69 Vol.2 - O Outro Lado Da Abbey Road".
  • 2009 - "It Ain't Me Babe" - (originally by Bob Dylan) recorded for the album "Letra & Música: Bob Dylan".


Live songsEdit

This list includes cover versions performed live by Beyoncé Knowles. Only vocal performances and musical elements with substantial use have been included:

2008 on 2008 tour:

2010 on 2010 tour:

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  • [1] — official online website.

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