The following is a list of records for a game, season, or career that were broken in each Major League Baseball season by players, teams, or others. This does not include dates when additional stats were recorded by the same player above one's own record set (unless broken by someone else in between) or records by a team that do not lead the majors. Some of the records were subsequently broken by others:


July 12: Most inside-the-park home runs in a game: 3 by Tom McCreery[1]


July 10: Most hits in a game by a batter: 9 by Johnny Burnett[2]


October 1: Most home runs, season: 61 by Roger Maris[3]


  • September 6: Most consecutive games played: 2131 by Cal Ripken Jr.; later extended to 2632 in 1998


September 16: Most hits, designated hitter, career: 3000 by Paul Molitor


September 19: Most teams with which a player has hit 20 home runs in a season: 2 by Mark McGwire


September 8: Most home runs, season: 62 by Mark McGwire; later extended to 70. Sammy Sosa also broke 37-year-old record held by Roger Maris



  • April 7: Most home run in one day in entire major league: 57


October 5: Most home runs, season: 71 by Barry Bonds (hit #72 in same game; finished season with 73)


April 30: Most franchises with which a pitcher has earned a win: 30 by Al Leiter


September 17: Most extra-base hits, season, by a team: 608 by Boston Red Sox


July 10: Most intentional walks, season: 68 by Barry Bonds; broke his own record; finished season with 120


June 8: Youngest player to reach 400-HR mark: Alex Rodriguez, age 29


  • April 28: Most consecutive games with a home run by a right-handed hitter: 7 by Kevin Mench
  • April 29: Most home runs in the month of April: 14 by Albert Pujols


  • August 7: Most home runs, career: 756 by Barry Bonds; later extended to 762[6]


  • April 2: Most consecutive games without an error for a first baseman: 194 by Kevin Youkilis; later extended to 238 games[7]
  • May 9: Most baserunners picked off, career: 92 Kenny Rogers (since stat was first recorded in 1974)
  • May 16: Most consecutive starts with a no-decision: 9 by Shawn Chacón



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