The following is a list of last names of the Khatri community of Northern India and Pakistan listed in alphabetical order:

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  • Malhotra
  • Marway
  • Mandaley
  • Mandur
  • Mankoo
  • Manku
  • Matharu (also spelt Matharoo)
  • Matyar
  • Meen
  • Momrath
  • Mion
  • Mudarh
  • Mudan
  • Majhail
  • Mathyal
  • Mudhan
  • Mudhar
  • Multani
  • Mundae
  • Munde
  • Mundey
  • Muttair
  • Mahal
  • Misan Punjabi
  • Maan (also spelt Mann

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