This is a list of notable Internet forums, both in English and in other languages.

English Internet forums Edit

* For forums that do not have member counts the "Members" field contains only a hyphen.

NameMain interestPostsMembersWeb address
Gaia OnlineGaia, Anime1,688,701,54220,182,472
Something AwfulGeneral94,981,677135,485
Democratic UndergroundUS Progressivism48,043,233152,183
Digital SpyTelevision and Media37,020,829354,755
The Student RoomStudents and young people22,252,288369,159
Facepunch StudiosGarry's Mod39,692,659124,979 ForumsConsumer advice16,316,599600,412
Neowin ForumsTechnology9,242,211244,048
MacRumorsApple products8,697,204386,824
Ubuntu ForumsUbuntu (Linux distribution)7,856,498967,621
Gentoo ForumsGentoo (Linux distribution)4,965,859122,262
GameDev.netGame programming4,258,403160,628
mozillaZineMozilla Foundation programs3,842,701340,690
ProBoardsProBoards Forum support3,369,791151,136
The DugoutFootball Manager2,477,42749,754
Simple Machines Forumsmf 2,388,824 214,464
xkcdxkcd, news1,890,32346,256
Bethesda Game Studios ForumsBethesda Softworks games1,553,930295,234
vBulletin Community ForumvBulletin1,812,037236,293

Internet forums in other languagesEdit

NameMain interestLanguagePostsMembersWeb address
Softpedia ForumGeneralRomanian language?414,647
Flashback ForumGeneralSwedish?362,391
HRT ForumTelevisionCroatian?13,428

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  • Big Boards, a site ranking different boards by certain criteria

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