This is a list of the largest cities in Nordic countries by population within city limits (Municipality). It deals exclusively with the areas within city administrative boundaries as opposed to urban areas or metropolitan areas, which are generally larger in terms of population than the main city.

Largest cities in Nordic countries by population within city limits (Municipality)Edit

Rank Municipality Country Population Area (km²) Population density Image
1. Stockholm 22x20px Sweden 818,603 209 km2 3,916.8/km2 130px
2. Oslo 22x20px Norway 586,860 454.03 km2 1,292.56/km2 130px
3. Helsinki 22x20px Finland 583,484 715.55 km2 815.4/km2 130px
4. Copenhagen 22x20px Denmark 521,397 88,25 km² 5,876.0/km² 130px
5. Gothenburg 22x20px Sweden 502,833 450 km2 1,083/km2 130px
6. Aarhus 22x20px Denmark 307.000 468 km² 656/km2 130px

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