I knew a Johnny Wright backin 1965 Jan, Feb, March I wasworingfor Southern Pacific Railroad and Johnny was playing guitar around Kingslandand at thaBroken Spoke in Austin,Texas. I went in with Johnny when he was playing at the Broken Spoke and I remembered T the time the Spoke was located a ways outside of town. Johnny saidhewanted tobe on the Ed Sullivan show and call his band the really bigs and have Ed Announce his band saying we are going to have a really big show and now here is The Really Bigs with Johnny Wright . Uncle Samsent me his greetings and Ineverheard from Johnny again. Coming out of Kingsland towards Marble Falls Johnny and his family lived on the right hand side of the highway with the lake to their southwest. Best I remember Johnny was lame and had had polio or something but he could make them strings talk. LesterD/ texassongwriter