Gargamel lived in the run down shack-like castle at the edge of the woods, apparantly a humble wizard gone awry before he could truly master his skills. He spent most of his days living in some bizzare fantasy world where he believed he could capture the Smurfs and...uh...well... here's where things got a little fuzzy. Did any of this man's plans make sense? Sometimes he wanted Smurfs for their alchemistic properties. Other times he just wanted to eat them. He lived in a shack, scrounged for food, and wore torn, patchy clothing. You'd think he'd consider getting a job or something since the whole smurf business never exactly panned out, but all Super Villains possess that ultimate common quality: persistence! In other words never give up, not even when your own cat thinks you're an idiot.

You'll have to forgive the page this pic links to, but the idea of the Smurfs having political subcontext is a concept I find too funny for words. Check it out!

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