"Sometimes I really hate being a bad guy."Finster was Rita Repulsa's chief monster maker, responsible for creating the numerous monsters, Putty Patrollers, and weapons Rita used during her invasion of Earth. By creating a monster mold out of his space putty, he would then place it into his Monster-Matic machine, which would bring the creature to life. He was extremely loyal to Rita, despite her constant berating of him for his creations' failures. Staying mainly in his laboratory, Finster was a quiet being who would spend his time creating new monster molds. When Lord Zedd arrived and banished Rita, Finster locked himself up in his lab and rarely came out, though he did create a Sleeping Machine for Zedd. When Rita returned, Finster was delighted to see her again, and helped her regain her normal size and powers. He created a love potion for her to use on Lord Zedd, and the two were wed. With Rita back in the Palace, Finster was back to active duty, once again creating monsters for her and Zedd to use against the Power Rangers. It was Finster who discovered the location of the ancient Shogun Zords, by deciphering the Scrolls of Zordnia. When the Machine Empire invaded, Finster fled the moon with Zedd and Rita, none too pleased about having to move in with Master Vile. When Zedd and Rita returned to the moon to plot the destruction of King Mondo, Finster returned with them, even creating a new, more powerful Magic Wand for Rita to use. Finster attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet with Zedd and Rita, and was last seen during their invasion of the Vica Galaxy. It was there that Finster was destroyed, turned into a pile of sand by Zordon's energy wave.

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