This is a list of Fandom wikis about The Sims.

Table Edit

Subdomain Name Type
sims The Sims Wiki Video Games
simsfreeplay The Sims Freeplay Wiki Video Games
thesimsmedieval The Sims Medieval Wiki Video Games
mysimsfanon My Sims Fanon Video Games
thesimsproject The Sims Project Video Games
the-sims The Sims Wikia Lifestyle
simsfanon The Sims Fanon Wiki Video Games
the-sims-2-ds The Sims 2 DS Wiki Video Games
modsforsims Mods For Sims Wiki Video Games
the-customized-sims The Customized Sims Wiki Video Games
sims3 Sims 3 Wiki Video Games
smole-sims-3 Smole (Sims 3) Wiki Lifestyle
thesims4 The Sims 4 Wiki Video Games
thesimssocial The Sims Social Video Games
the-sims-royals The Sims Royals Wiki Lifestyle
historicalsims2 Historical Sims 2 Wiki Video Games
sims-4-files Sims 4 Files Wiki Video Games
sims-family-legacy Sims Family Legacy Wiki Video Games
bigbrother-sims Sims Big Brother Wikia Video Games
playerstoriesinthesimsstories Player Stories in the Sims Series Wiki]] Video Games

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