• dice points and rolls
  • --------
  • blanket roll or soft-pad roll
  • boxes or hard eight
  • craps
  • doublet
  • drop shot
  • dump over shot
  • eight or eighter from Decatur or Ada from Decatur or Ada Ross or Ada Ross the stable hoss
  • English or ass English or body English or Jonah
  • even roll
  • fimps or hard ten
  • five or fee-bee or fever or phoebe or little Phoebe
  • four or little Dick Fisher or little Dick or little joe or little joe from Baltimore or little joe from Chicago or little joe from Kokomo
  • greek shot
  • little natural or slow crap
  • nine or carolina or carolina nina or nina from caroliner or nina from carolina
  • number or point
  • puppy feet
  • seven or natural or little natural or pass or craps or skinny Dugan
  • six or captain hicks or sister hicks or Jimmy Hicks or sixie from dixie or sixty days or sice
  • ten or big dick or big Joe from Boston or slow crap
  • three or cock-eyes
  • twelve or boxcars or high noon or Gary Cooper
  • two or snake eyes or Dolly Parton

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