• Name: Diaboromon
  • Number: 330
  • Level: Mega
  • Type: Unidentified
  • Attacks: Cable Crusher /Web Wrecker
  • Digivolution: Kurakmon > Tsumemon > Kurisarimon > Infermon > Diaboromon 
    This is the Mega level of the Digimon that invaded the Real World's Internet and threatened to destroy the Digidestined with nuclear missiles. Willis, a computer genius from America, created him, as he wanted more Digimon friends. Izzy sent Tai and Matt into the Internet with their Digimon, but Diaboromon was too much for them. Even their Mega forms were no use, so they managed to DNA Digivolve for the first time into Omnimon. Diaboromon was going to win but children all over the world sent mail to him, which slowed him down.

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