A very powerful snake monster that came from a two-part comic. He has no head and has a snake where his head and arms should be. When Cyber-Serpent was first released from the comics, it was said that he was immune to the Beetleborgs weapons. This trait was never mentioned again after he was brought back a second and third time. Because his issue had not reached the stores yet, the kids had no idea on how to defeat Cyber-Serpent. With the help of Dr. Baron von Frankenbeans, the Beetleborgs came up with a strategy to trick the monster and send it back into the comic book...and it worked as they blasted him with their Sonic Lasers when he was unsuspectingly standing right above a copy of the comic book he came from and was promptly sent back. He reappeared in the "Curse of the Shadow Borg" saga, and was summoned by Nukus at the end of Season 1.

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