• branches or departments of philosophy
  • --------
  • aesthetics or theory of beauty or philosophy of art
  • analytic philosophy
  • axiology or value theory
  • casuistry
  • commonsense or naïve realism
  • cosmology
  • deontology
  • ethics or moral philosophy
  • logic or theory of argument
  • metaphysics or first philosophy or theory of existence
  • ontology or science of being
  • phenomenology
  • philosophy of biology
  • philosophy of education
  • philosophy of history
  • philosophy of language or semantics
  • philosophy of law
  • philosophy of logic
  • philosophy of nature
  • philosophy of physics
  • philosophy of religion
  • philosophy of science
  • philosophy of signs or semiotics
  • political philosophy
  • sentential or propositional calculus
  • teleology
  • theology
  • theory of knowledge or epistemology or gnosiology

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