• January: carnation, snowdrop; garnet
  • February: violet, primrose; amethyst
  • March: jonquil, violet; jasper, bloodstone, aquamarine
  • April: daisy, sweet pea; sapphire, diamond
  • May: hawthorn, lily of the valley; agate, emerald
  • June: rose, honeysuckle; emerald, pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
  • July: larkspur, water lily; onyx, ruby
  • August: gladiolus, poppy; carnelian, sardonyx, peridot
  • September: morning glory, aster; chrysolite, sapphire
  • October: calendula, cosmos; aquamarine, opal, tourmaline
  • November: chrysanthemum; topaz
  • December: narcissus, holly, poinsettia; ruby, turquoise, zircon

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