Basketball Offensive Strategies

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  • backdoor play
  • ball-control offense
  • clear-out one side or clear-out
  • criss cross offense
  • delay offense
  • double post
  • fast-break offense
  • flip-flop offense
  • four-corner offense
  • gap offense
  • give-and-go offense
  • half-court offense
  • high post
  • high post zone offense
  • high-low zone offense
  • low post
  • motion offense
  • one-on-one
  • pick-and-roll
  • post up
  • press offense
  • pressure offense
  • rotation offense
  • run and gun offense
  • running offense
  • set offense
  • shuffle offense
  • stack offense
  • stall offense
  • triangle offense
  • zone offense

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