• alto-relievo or alto-rilievo
  • bas-relief or basso-relievo or basso-rilievo
  • brick relief
  • Composite frieze
  • Corinthian frieze
  • Doric frieze
  • egg and dart
  • glide reflection frieze
  • grand relief
  • half relief
  • high relief
  • horizontal reflection frieze
  • horizontal/vertical reflection frieze
  • incised relief
  • intaglio
  • Ionic frieze
  • low relief
  • mezzo-relievo or mezzo-rilievo
  • middle relief
  • repoussé
  • rotation through 180 degrees frieze
  • rotation/vertical reflection frieze
  • sunken relief
  • translation frieze
  • Tuscan frieze
  • vertical reflection frieze

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