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  • air balloon
  • angioplasty balloon
  • barrage balloon
  • blimp
  • ceiling balloon
  • comic book balloon or speech balloon
  • detachable balloon
  • dirigible balloon or dirigible or airship
  • fire balloon
  • frame balloon
  • free balloon
  • gastric balloon
  • horizontal sounding balloon
  • hot-air balloon
  • intra-aortic balloon
  • kite balloon or sausage
  • montgolfier
  • observation balloon
  • origin balloon
  • passive balloon
  • pilot balloon
  • radiosonde balloon
  • rocket balloon
  • sausage balloon or sausage
  • skyhook balloon
  • sounding balloon
  • stratosphere balloon
  • trial balloon
  • transport balloon
  • water balloon
  • weather balloon

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