• boundary layer
  • chemosphere
  • D layer or region
  • E layer or E region or Heaviside layer or Kennelly-Heaviside layer or Kennelly-Heaviside region
  • exosphere
  • F layer or F region or Appleton layer or Appleton region
  • F1 layer or F1 region
  • F2 layer or F2 region
  • inner Van Allen belt
  • ionosphere
  • isothermal region
  • lower atmosphere
  • magnetosphere
  • mesosphere
  • outer atmosphere
  • outer Van Allen belt
  • ozone layer or ozonosphere
  • stratopause
  • stratosphere
  • stratospheric sulfate layer or Junge aerosol layer
  • sulfate layer
  • substratosphere
  • thermosphere
  • tropopause
  • troposphere
  • upper atmosphere
  • Van Allen belt or Van Allen radiation belt

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