• arthropods or Arthropoda
  • chordates or Chordata
  • comb jellies or Ctenophora
  • corals and jellyfish or Cnidaria
  • echinoderms or Echinodermata
  • flatworms and flukes or Platyhelminthes
  • horsehair worms or Nematomorpha
  • lampshells or Brachiopoda
  • mollusks or Mollusca
  • moss animals or Bryozoa
  • rotifers or Rotifera
  • roundworms or Nematoda
  • segmented worms or Annelida
  • spiny-headed worms or Acanthocephala
  • sponges or Porifera
  • velvet worms or Onychophora
  • water bears or Tardigrada

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