The fourth season of America's Got Talent, an American television reality show talent competition, premiered on the NBC network on June 23, 2009.

Auditions this year were held in more than 9 major cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Seattle/ Tacoma, Boston and Houston. Los Angeles Auditions kicked off the tour January 29-31 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, followed by Atlanta auditions February 7-8. New York and Miami auditions were held during March. Tacoma auditions are held April 25 and 26. In addition to live auditions and the ability to send in a home audition tape, Season 4 offered the opportunity for acts to upload their video direct at with their registration. This season's host is Nick Cannon, who replaced Jerry Springer. Springer said he could not host due to other commitments.[1] All Season 3 judges returned for the fourth season, despite rumors that Sharon Osbourne would be leaving the show.[2]

This is a summary of the audition episodes, containing the acts that passed through to the Las Vegas Round and the acts who were eliminated in the open call.

Episode 1 Edit

Aired on June 23, 2009, 2 hours. Auditions from Chicago, New York City, and Seattle were included in the episode.[3][4][5]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Original - A burlesque act where a young woman danced around in her bikini while an older woman accompanied with an accordion.
  • Sky & Vlad - Firedancers. After being X'd out, fire ended up having to be extinguished on stage.
  • Debbie Victor - Animal impersonator
  • Shine - Singing sibling quartet, sang "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.
  • Moses Lanham - Walked with his feet turned 180 degrees backwards
  • Christy Marie - Sang "It's in his Kiss" by Cher
  • Andy Lapota - Rapper
  • Jay Brunelle - Sang and played guitar while riding a unicycle
  • Ray Schwarz - Singer and dancer, performed "A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis
  • EmpeROAR Fabulous - A male stripper/singer
  • The Positive Brothers - Dancers
  • Jay Jay - Electric pianist
  • Tommy and Diane Long - Golfing miniature horse
  • Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein - Lassoed luggage
  • Kerry Christensen - Yodeling and chicken sounds while playing an accordion
  • Cirkus Pandemonium - Acrobats
  • Johnny Bagpipes - Bagpipe player
  • Noel the Freak and the Hammer Bros - Carnival sideshow style performer
  • Joseph Maracina - Impressionist

Episode 2 Edit

Aired on June 24, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from Seattle and Miami were included in the episode.[6][7][8]


  • Manuela Horn - Yodeling dominatrix
  • Comic Bots - A band consisting of performers dressed in homemade robot costumes
  • Tom Durnin - 52-year-old dancer and illusionist
  • G Force - A rock band consisting of three young girls, sang "So What" by Pink.
  • Erik & Rickie - 8-year-old dance couple, performed to "Proud Mary"
  • Drew Thomas - An illusionist; made three women appear out of a seemingly empty booth
  • Alizma - A violin and singing trio of identical triplets, performed "The Devil Went Down to Georgia".
  • Arcadian Broad - 13-year-old dancer, performed to "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John
  • Rafael Serrano - Sang "Last Dance" and did the splits at the end
  • Jennifer Guadix- Dancer and contortionist that took her assistant, Jessica Guadix out of a suitcase mid-way through her performance
  • Nubian Beauty - African-Bohemian dancer
  • Veniamin Shows - Costumed dancers, including a human slinky
  • Tim Monteith - Drag queen that operated two female puppets attached to him
  • DeanO and Friends - Clowns that were going to perform a levitation act but were buzzed out before they could start
  • Dan Diaz - Bucket balancing act

Episode 3 Edit

Aired on June 30, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from New York City and Chicago were included in the episode. A memory screen was shown afterwards for Michael Jackson who died on June 25, 2009 with Cannon giving a few words of respect.[9][10][11]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Franklin Sane - Sang "Downtown"
  • Jeffrey Johns - Comedic singer
  • Witches in Bikinis - Singers
  • Robert Myers - Impressionist
  • Samba Samba Samba - Dancers who did not stop after being X'd out.

Episode 4 Edit

Aired on July 1, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from Houston and Miami were included in the episode.[12][13][14]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Divani - Singer, sang "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Houston
  • Jolie & Lester - Jolie played guitar while Cannon threw produce at a lawn mower balanced on Lester's chin.
  • Rusty Reece - Singer, sang "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof
  • Stone White - Sang and danced.
  • Marti Brill - Magician
  • Brandon Paxton - Poetry
  • Diego Baner - Singer
  • The Midwest Entertainers - Wrestlers (Steve Boz, Austin Roberts and Koa-Marie Turner)

Episode 5 Edit

Aired on July 7, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from Los Angeles were included in the episode.[15][16]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Nasty Nate - Singer, sang "The Best" by Tina Turner
  • Zahid Khan - One man instrument
  • Leland Faulkner - Paper faces
  • Iota Arcane - Fast talking poet
  • Footworks Fitness - Rhythmic footwork on an exercise step.
  • Scott Weider - Kite flier
  • Circus Runaways - Dance crew
  • Trixie & the Monkey - Comedic acrobats
  • K-Dizzle - Sang "O.P.P." by Naughty by Nature
  • Terri Willis - Singer, sang "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion
  • Monsieur Pedicure - Toe-dancer

Episode 6 Edit

Aired on July 8, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from Houston were included in the episode.[17][18]

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Bruce Thomas - Hand noises
  • Ruby Revue - Burlesque dancers
  • In Sterio - Flautists
  • Crispy Family Carnival - Carnival sideshow act

Episode 7 Edit

Aired on July 14, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from New York were included in the episode.[19][20]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Jeffrey Widom - Singer, sang "Boombastic" by Shaggy.
  • Alex Feldman - Various talents including playing a recorder with his nose
  • Dorothy Bishop - Singer, sang a song from "Carmen"
  • Chris Evans - Contortionist
  • David Glass - Singer
  • The Badd Girls - Singing trio, sang "Damaged" by Danity Kane.

Episode 8 Edit

Aired on July 15, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from Seattle and New York were included in the episode.[21][22]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • Chris Kegley - One man rock band, performed "Rock 'n Roll All Nite" by Kiss.
  • Silvia Brasil - Singer and dancer.
  • Madmat the Indestructible Man - Stood on a ladder made of swords
  • The Shanghai Pearl - Dancer. She started in a pink gorilla costume, and removed it as she performed.
  • Reality - Singing quintet, sang "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" from Guys & Dolls.

Episode 9 Edit

Aired on July 21, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from MySpace were included in the episode.[23][24]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:

  • El Vegas - Sang and danced to Elvis's version of "An American Trilogy".
  • The Jumping Eagles - Jump ropers
  • Shaun Berkey - Singer
  • Don Baldaramos - Shakespearean acting.
  • Shaunie - Singer and dancer, performed "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls.
  • Ashley Groff - Sang and screamed "Hate Me" by Blue October.
  • Eddie & the Puppet Divas - Danced with a puppet of Tina Turner to "Proud Mary".
  • Heavy Vee - Dancer, performed to "Milkshake" by Kelis. After she was rejected by the judges, Cannon joined her on stage and danced with her briefly.

Episode 10 Edit

Aired on July 22, 2009, 1 hour. Auditions from various cities were shown to wrap up the preliminary round. The episode included an extended segment highlighting Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent.[25][26]

Acts that advanced to the second round include:

Acts that were rejected include:


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