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  • acetic or ethanoic
  • acrylic or propenoic
  • arachidonic
  • butyric or butanoic
  • capric
  • caproic or hexanoic
  • caprylic or decanoic
  • citric
  • crotonic or transbuteneoic
  • formic or methanoic
  • fumaric
  • lactic or hydroxypropanoic
  • lauric or dodecanoic
  • linoleic
  • linolenic
  • lipoic
  • maleic or cis-butenedioic
  • malic or hydroxybutanedioic
  • myristic or tetradecanoic
  • oenanthic or heptanoic
  • oleic
  • oxalic or ethanedioic
  • palmitic or hexadecanoic
  • pelagonic
  • propionic or propanoic
  • stearic or octadecanoic
  • trans-fatty
  • undecylenic
  • valeric or pentanoic

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