• atom smasher
  • betatron
  • bevatron
  • cascade transformer
  • charge-exchange accelerator
  • Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier
  • colliding-beam machine or collider
  • cosmotron
  • cyclotron
  • electron accelerator
  • electron-proton collider
  • electrostatic generator
  • induction accelerator
  • Large Electron-Positron collider or LEP
  • Large Hadron collider or LHC
  • linear accelerator or linac
  • microwave linear accelerator
  • particle accelerator
  • positive-ion accelerator
  • superconducting supercollider or SSC
  • synchrocyclotron
  • synchrotron
  • tevatron
  • tokamak
  • Van de Graaff generator
  • voltage multiplier
  • wake-field accelerator

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